The shift in learning for 2020 caused many schools to move the goalpost for 1:1 student to device ratios in the education space. As students and educators moved to remote learning the desire for each learner to have a device with some mobility became a necessity. Schools purchased Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets in large numbers so that teachers could continue instruction. 

We all know – kids can be rough with tools and especially technology. In working with our partner schools, we’ve noticed the repeated need for small repairs and cleaning of devices that have fallen victim to a spilled water bottle or a fall from the desk. These experiences led to the development of two resources:

Device Care Handout

Start with a handout.

This can be easily shared digitally, or printed and can lead to a decrease in minor device repairs. 

Device Care Video

Take it digital.

Our Classroom Technology Coaches branched out into more creative reminders on device care, jumping on to the popular TikTok format.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of creative Classroom Technology Coach, Kayla DeMuth, and her IT Support Specialist sidekick.