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Summer IT Planning Starts NOW

With only a couple of months left in the school year, you are likely beginning to think about the projects you can tackle only when students and teachers are out of the buildings.  At Vartek, the […]

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EdTech Tools for Differentiation

The majority of the education community would agree that meeting students where they are and differentiating classroom instruction leads to the success of learners. Practical ideas for differentiation often come naturally to teachers in the […]

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K12 Student Device Care and Cleaning

The shift in learning for 2020 caused many schools to move the goalpost for 1:1 student to device ratios in the education space. As students and educators moved to remote learning the desire for each […]

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Three Ways to Improve Your K12 Technology Investment

Budgets at K-12 schools are not increasing year over year, and as a school administrator, you’ve likely learned to be conservative or creative with your operating funds. What about your technology spend? Technology purchases comprise […]

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