School has started, and we’ve seen our 10th episode of season 2 of The Vartek Podcast go live! 

Missed an episode? Well, here’s what you need to know about our top 5 episodes so far of Season 2. Review these, then head to The Vartek Podcast on your favorite listening platform, subscribe, and leave us a review! 

Let’s take a byte out of knowledge!

Episode 2 – Cincinnati Educational Leaders

Our partners at Milford Exempted Village Schools and Hamilton City Schools join us on this episode to discuss lessons learned over the past 18 months, and how educators have overcome adversity with resilience. 

Episode 5 –  Mary Snellgrove, Butler County ESC/ISTE

Misty and Jamie are joined by Mary Snellgrove, Butler County ESC Instructional Specialist and ISTE Certified Authorized Provider (CAP). This episode goes into detail on what ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), how educators can get involved, and why coaching in the classroom is critical to help move curriculum goals forward. 

Episode 4 – John Sowash, Google Guru

In this episode, we learned about all things Google! John brings to us information on how Google prepared to support the needs of educators during COVID, and what to expect on the company’s upcoming roadmap. For more on John, visit

Episode 10 – Leading with Positivity, with Glenn Robbins

Glenn shares his approach to leadership with Misty and Jamie – an approach that’s rooted in positivity and empowerment. Glenn Robbins is the proud Superintendent of the Brigantine Public School District in Brigantine, New Jersey. His passion is harnessing a school culture that thrives on design thinking, futurism, innovative digital spaces, technology integration, Social Emotional Learning Zen Dens, and Maker cultures. In addition, Glenn encourages all students to have a voice, not only in building a school culture, but also in designing student led entrepreneur opportunities. 

Episode 6 – Brooke Gessler, Sidney City Schools

Misty and Jamie are joined by Brooke Gessler, Sidney City Schools K-12 Curriculum Director and long-time educator. This episode covers the value in creating an EdTech Plan and aligning technology with instructional goals. Vartek and Sidney City Schools have partnered to create a blended learning environment. 


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