With only a couple of months left in the school year, you are likely beginning to think about the projects you can tackle only when students and teachers are out of the buildings.  At Vartek, the summer planning process starts early. Our teams are beginning to map out how they will be working in collaboration with maintenance and building teams to perform classroom quality checks, prepare for upcoming professional development, and focus on large technical projects. 

Larger-scale initiatives — such as asset deployments, quality control checks, and infrastructure upgrades — will go much more smoothly with proper planning and oversight. Considered working with a professional project management team to help keep these efforts on time and on track. A certified project manager 

  • defines project scope, outcomes; assigns tasks to specific individuals;
  • sets clear, realistic timelines and milestones for projects; 
  • monitors progress to minimize delays;
  • identifies potential roadblocks and creates contingency plans; and
  • ties dollar amounts to each phase of the project to prevent going over budget.

Project management is about clarity, accountability, and return on investment. Start creating project plans now for the tasks you want to complete this summer. The extra time and investment up front will pay off in better outcomes in the end.

Educational technology is not a simple subject, though, and you may not know where to start or what your priorities should be. Using a professional quality control IT checklist can help. Your checklist should focus on three categories—people, IT strategy, and tech systems—and include tasks that will

  • improve device and network performance;
  • provide meaningful support to teachers and staff;
  • prepare the IT environment for a smooth school startup; and
  • ensure that your school is following a solid plan for technology integration and leadership.

If you need help with your technology summer planning, reach out to Vartek. A Vartek partnership includes not only your strategic planning and IT leadership, but also the project management and daily operational support your stakeholders need.