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It’s no secret that the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years were filled with obstacles. As Fredrick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Educators persevered and many schools came out better on the other side. One positive change has been the volume of funding available allowing more schools to acquire technology devices to aid in moving learning forward that otherwise might not have been possible. As technology became more obtainable through opportunities like CARES Act Funding, and even more powerful, building a 1:1 IT environment in turn became increasingly realistic for many schools. Schools found they were able to purchase new technology such as interactive panels, document cameras, software, and new learning management systems (LMS). 

So you’ve got new tech, now what?

Having devices for every student (or most students) is one thing. A new LMS is great too. Interactive panels can be fantastic! Using all of these tools to transform student learning is another thing. Students and teachers need training and practice to be able to harness the potential of their tech tools. 

CoSN’s 2020 EdTech Leadership Survey pointed out that “more than half of respondents do not feel they have adequate staffing to implement new technology (51%) or to integrate tech into the classroom (57%).” Even more disheartening, the report indicated that 63% of participants shared that they are inadequately staffed to support teachers and students on maximizing the use of new technology.  

Technology Integration Coaching

A Classroom Technology Coach (CTC) can bridge that gap. A CTC will do everything from designing instruction for teachers and modeling or co-teaching with new and old technology. CTCs focus on 1:1 and small group coaching using best practices in technology integration with new devices and academic technology tools for engagement and learning. 

As you’re acquiring, assigning, and deploying new devices this summer and making sure your network is ready to handle your expanding tech environment, take a look at your tech team. Do you have that integration skillset on board? Classroom Technology Coaches can often perform and assist with basic IT service, too—so having one on staff can bring your school a lot of value.

Want to learn more about how CTCs can help you get the most out of a 1:1 environment? We provide integration services to schools all over the country and are ready to help take your school’s IT to the next level. 

Vartek Services is a professional services company partnering with K12 schools to provide IT Leadership, Implementation, and Technology Integration to enhance the teaching and learning environment.

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