People are creatures of comfort and habit. Teachers, staff, and even students may say they’re excited about new educational technology—but when it comes to letting go of tools and methods they’ve gotten used to, they can be slow to loosen their grips.

Help them let go with the tips in Vartek’s Slideshare, “Five Common Barriers to EdTech Transformation and How to Remove Them.

Habit change experts say it takes most people thirty to ninety days, sometimes longer, to accept and master something new. Regardless of how open people are at the beginning of a change—when everything seems possible—they can easily shut down once the newness wears off and they experience failure.

When downsides and challenges pop up, everything seems impossible. People’s resolve weakens, and it feels easier to go back to what they know. But it’s also the time when you as a school leader can be most successful with change implementation. Understand that resistance is natural. Be empathetic and patient, but continue to support and encourage your stakeholders through the awkwardness of the learning process.

As teachers, staff, and students practice with new tools and skills, they will begin to feel more competent, and the change won’t feel so uncomfortable.

Change is disruptive, but that’s what learning is: a disruption of what we know to make room for more evolved, innovative ideas.

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