With the holidays upon us and COVID statistics on the rise, schools (that have been in person) have reached a decision point – continue in person, or make the tough call to transition to remote (or blended/hybrid) learning. Vartek knows this isn’t an easy decision, and the influencing factors extend beyond the classroom. Our goal is to help take some of that stress off your plate. 

Check the List

We all understand that remote learning looks different now than in the spring. As you prepare for your teachers and learners to move into – and out of – remote learning, download this checklist to ensure you have all critical areas covered:

  • Preparation and Planning
  • Setting Expectations
  • Operations, Access, & Security
  • Remote Teaching and Learning
  • Family & Community

Related: Worried about sending devices home with students only to have them return in worse shape than they left? Download this Device Care Cheat Sheet and share with your teachers, students, and parents for helpful reminders on taking care of school devices. 

Engage Your Learners

As educators, we understand that the ability to engage students virtually during remote learning takes a firm grasp of both curriculum and technology. To support this movement between in-person and remote classrooms, we’ve compiled a list of tips to design engaging online lessons. 

As a strategic partner, Vartek collaborates with K12 schools to prepare for these inevitable changes. We ensure that technology and curriculum are aligned and that teachers can rely upon these tools to transform learning experiences – whether in person or virtually. 

For more on how we support schools through these tough transitions, and to get your copy of the full Going Remote E-Guide, fill out this form. A Vartek team member will be in touch.