Technology and Education are constantly evolving. Is your tech team prepared to keep up?

“Digital Transformation” may seem like a buzzword, but the concept is here to stay.

Author Daniel Newman summarizes the thought well in his recent article on digital transformation trends to watch in 2020, “While education is continuing to evolve, based upon my experience as a learner, college instructor and researcher/author analyzing digital trends, the following are my top picks for not just technology trends but overall shifts in how we’ll be learning and connecting through technology moving forward.” (Daniel Newman, Forbes)

A strong IT team provides more than just password resets and software upgrades. A tech team should be one of your primary education assets, delivering expertise and support that reshape and drive the modern learning process. If your tech team scores poorly in fundamental areas, your students and teachers will fall behind, too.

Before you can raise your educational technology grade, though, you must identify your IT team’s strengths and challenges. Evaluate your tech staff using the “IT Team Report Card.” Using ed tech best practices as benchmarks, this assessment will tell you if your team has what it takes to deliver the IT support and leadership that teachers and students need to transform learning in the classroom.

Your team should be confident and competent in everything from daily device troubleshooting to long-term strategic planning. If there’s a gap in your tech staff’s capabilities, this assessment will help you find it, and a professional ed tech provider can help you bridge it.

As education’s partner for professionally-managed IT services, Vartek provides strategic leadership and consultation in addition to network, infrastructure, and integration support for schools like yours.

We’ve served educators since 1989, and we know how to instill school leaders with the confidence to build a robust IT environment. To learn more, call (800) 954-2524, or email

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