Educational technology should create effective classroom environments, empower teachers and students, and encourage learners to explore and grow. Achieving these goals is a team effort. Putting the right people in the right roles on your K12 tech team sets the stage for your school’s success. Here’s a list of the key roles that most successful school IT teams have and what makes those people successful.

Technology Director

A great tech director is proficient at managing systems and people and is driven to continuously learn, grow, and push the status quo.

Look for a director who combines technical expertise with strong communication skills, a willingness to collaborate, and a desire to put student needs first. This person should provide strategic IT leadership in partnership with school administration.

Network Engineers & Administrators

Without the network infrastructure to support digital learning, students and teachers are stranded. These team members ensure that networks are fast, stable, and reliable.

Look for motivated team members with CCNA/P, MCP, MCSA/E, or equivalent certifications.

System Engineers & Administrators

These team members design and maintain the interconnected devices, programs, and processes that drive modern classrooms.

Look for dependable self-starters with certifications in MCSA/E, CompTIA, and learning tools such as Google’s G Suite for Education.

Classroom Technology Coaches

Great classroom technology coaches ensure that teachers use systems and tools effectively.

Look for coaches with education experience. They should be strong communicators who understand teachers’ challenges and know how to help teachers use technology in a transformative way.

IT Support Specialists/Help Desk Team Members

These essential team members provide the front-line technical support that keeps your school’s systems operating smoothly.

Look for reliable, service-oriented individuals, preferably with A+ certification.

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