An understaffed or under-qualified IT team can hurt any school startup. Industry best practices call for one full-time technician for every 1,000 students—and those team members should be customer-focused.

If you don’t have enough—or enough skilled—technology team members to respond to the glitches that are inevitable during the first several weeks of every school year, you may never catch up. Partnering with a professional technology service provider can help you identify staffing and other strategic leadership issues that can give your school an edge during startup and all year.

Vartek vigorously vets candidates for a range of skills and qualities:

  • IT leadership
  • classroom technology integration
  • clear communication
  • responsiveness
  • commitment
  • passion
  • strategic thinking
  • customer service

Since 1989, Vartek has helped schools just like yours improve their IT teams. For help bringing your technology department to a more effective level, call Vartek at 800.954.2524.