You’ve already taken a big step – you’re ready to understand the value of outsourcing your technology support to a managed services company. It’s a big decision, and one with many considerations.

If you’re working with an IT Professional Services company, make sure you have a good understanding of these considerations.

Cultural Compatibility

Analyze your school’s culture and the culture of your teams that will
be interacting with the IT partner. Are they compatible? If not, can it
be fixed to ensure long-term success?


Does the partner provide you with data and information when a
particular goal is achieved? That probably isn’t good enough. You
want to work with an IT partner that sets and executes against key
performance indicators and reports to you on a regular basis.

Expertise and Experience

Does the IT partner have experience in education? Can they provide
the specific skillsets you need to serve your school?

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Does the partner customize their services to your needs?

Client Success

You’ll want a relationship with a member of the partner who is helpful
and friendly. Having someone who is responsive and ready to assist
will help during transition.

Contract Obligations

Make sure that your contract has expectations outlined exactly.
Guarantees like Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can provide
financial assurance of contractual obligations.

These are just a few of the questions you should consider when discussing outsourcing with an IT Professional Services company. Click here to download a copy of this PDF. To connect with Vartek and start the outsourcing conversation, visit our contact page.