Your students and teachers may bring their own devices to school or they may use devices you provide to them. Maybe your school IT program is a blend of BYOD and school-owned technology.

Whatever the design of your tech environment, overseeing those thousands of smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and laptops and the data on them is a big—and critical—deal.

Mobile device management (MDM) should be a key part of your school’s IT integration strategy. An MDM system allow your tech department to ensure students and teachers have access to the right tools and online resources—with group software installations and upgrades, for example.

Just as important, though, MDM allows your IT team to monitor who has what device and how that device is being used. It protects computers in the classroom and safeguards students and their data in cyberspace.

Data privacy has become an increasingly major focus in the last few years. As the school year begins to wind down and you’re planning technology projects for June and July, work with your IT team and perhaps a professional IT provider to assess how you’re managing the devices and data in your school now.

Summer is the perfect time to add an MDM layer of IT oversight and protection.