Vartek works with school leaders and boards of education to design solutions to support the school’s vision for teaching and learning. Throughout these partnerships, there are undoubtedly questions. We’ve compiled several common questions that school boards ask of Vartek when considering outsourcing their technology support.

Q. How does Vartek’s culture align with the mission, vision, and values of our school?

A. Vartek’s mission is to support your school’s vision for teaching and learning. We hire locally and seek to align team members with your school’s culture. These are dedicated, onsite team members who seek
to become an integral part of your school.

Q. How will our school have transparency into what is happening with our technology environment?

A. As a Vartek partner, your school receives regular reports that provide transparency into issue management, strategic discussions, planned projects, and IT budgeting. Vartek leadership conducts quarterly and annual executive meetings to discuss strategic planning.

Q. What is Vartek’s experience serving a school like ours?

A. Vartek has been partnering with K-12 schools since 1989. In those 30+ years, we have supported schools of all sizes, public and nonpublic, and have worked within a variety of classroom environments. Vartek serves only K-12 schools with professional services.

Q. What level of customization does Vartek provide?

A. Each Vartek partnership is tailored completely to that school. Through thorough discovery, in-dept strategic conversations, and collaboration, Vartek provides a solution that is customized to the needs of your school.

Q. What happens to our current technology team?

A. Once we have collaborated on the appropriate model and solution for your school, we will evaluate whether the existing team members meet the requirements for the proposed roles. Vartek has experience professionally-managing school employees onto the Vartek team.

Q. How will we know what success looks like?

A. Once a contract is signed, Vartek will commence a transition plan. This plan is managed and supported by Vartek senior leadership and provides the school with a single point of contact during the transition period. Once the full contract starts, Vartek will provide regular deliverables as well as
opportunities for discussion throughout the partnership. Vartek provides industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to provide transparency and accountability.

For these answers and more, contact Vartek at 800.954.2424, or visit our contact page. To download this FAQ, click here.