Regardless of whether your school has a formalized 1:1 (one device per student) program, chances are you have several hundred Chromebook (or other mobile/portable) devices throughout your school’s campus.

Regular Chromebook hygiene is a best practice; it’s even more so recommended during a time when devices are being sent home with students and families to conduct remote (or home) based learning.

It is essential in this time that all Chromebooks are properly cleaned and sanitized. Using at least a 91% alcohol-based cleaner will allow for a full, deep clean of the device.

To ensure the Chromebook is cleaned thoroughly, the best practice is to:

  1. Ensure the Chromebook is powered off.
  2. Spray the cloth wipe with the cleaning agent. (Try not to dampen it too much to where the moisture could cause any sort of damage to the device)
  3. Begin putting pressure with the cloth on keys on the keyboard. Ensure all keys are hit and press down, good practice would be to make circles all over the keyboard.
  4. After the keys have been thoroughly scrubbed, spray the cloth a bit again.
  5. Scrub along the rim of the screen (the bezel), making sure all areas are hit.
  6. Spray the cloth again, and this time clean the screen. Use circles in multiple areas to ensure every part of the screen is covered.
  7. Spray another time into the cloth. Clean the outside of the Chromebook. This is essential as they are likely handled directly on the outside cover regularly.
  8. Let the Chromebook dry. Ensure it still powers on after a bit.

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