When it comes to creating a great IT environment for students, the composition of your team is pivotal to making your school’s technology vision a reality. Getting the right people in the right places speeds each part of the process, from goal-setting, to implementation, to day-to-day execution.

Our eGuide, How to Build an All-Star Ed Tech Roster

  • Outlines the elements of an effective, cohesive IT team,
  • Explains the roles every team needs,
  • Highlights the qualities of effective team members in each role, and
  • Introduces the steps you can take to help the team work well together.

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Building an all-star roster is the first step to giving your students the modern learning environment they need. If you’re looking for help building your team, consider contacting VARtek. We provide managed IT services designed exclusively for schools. We can connect you to certified professionals, help with an implementation, or provide IT strategy consultation. To learn more, call us at (800) 954-2524.