I’ve checked in recently with some leading educational technology organizations to find out what they’re saying is top of mind for schools whose IT programs lead to higher levels of achievement. Here are some insightful, accessible tips for making technology-based learning work.

  1. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) says schools should consider rebranding professional development, which tends to separate content from context. Professional learning, on the other hand, “focuses on providing ongoing, embedded opportunities for growth using active methods.” ISTE also points out that schools where integration is on trend understand the importance of professional technology coaches. For more on where your school’s ed tech program should be heading, read the rest of the ISTE article.

  2. Artificial intelligence as a critical learning tool is landing on many lists of tech trends these days. So CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) has issued guidelines for making sure schools are smart about their AI. Read more here.

  3. Project RED and the One-to-One Institute have been studying effective tech-based pedagogy for years and have gathered rich, compelling content about what works in the classroom. Read some of the research here.

If your school is ready to add a formal technology integration component to your IT strategy, click here to request more information. This can be the year technology makes a meaningful difference in your school.