And K-12 schools’ ed tech programs are more on point than ever.

A new study from CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) reports that nearly seventy percent of schools are “very confident” in their network’s ability to support online learning.

Their confidence is well-founded. Ninety-two percent of them meet the Federal Communication Commission’s short-term standard for fast, affordable internet access (100 megabytes per second for every 1,000 students), and nearly two out of three high schools and middle schools have a 1:1 student-to-device ratio.

Robust network connectivity and access to nonshared devices are critical for schools that want their classrooms to work the way they envision them working. From online assessments to streaming curricular content to communication between teachers and students, school work can often come to a halt without a safe, reliable technology system.

The study also reveals that schools still have work to do in certain areas. For example, sixty-four percent still don’t meet the FCC’s long-term broadband standard of 100 gigabytes per second for every 1,000 students. And fifty-two percent say detecting data breaches—which are increasingly hitting schools—is their highest cybersecurity priority, but only twelve percent have a dedicated network security person.

How does your school’s tech program stack up?

Do you invest in devices, equipment, and people that have the most impact on student achievement? If your answer to each of the following questions is a confident “True!” your technology program is probably solid. If you answer “No” or “Not sure, it’s time to examine your school’s IT systems and staff more closely to identify gaps and develop a plan for closing them.

  1. We have a dedicated technology team that is qualified to handle daily technology needs and quickly resolve outages and other emergencies.
  2. We have a plan and processes that ensure our devices and network are always up to date and running smoothly.
  3. We rarely hear complaints from teachers or students about technology not working quickly or effectively.

Educational technology is much more sophisticated than it used to be, and maintaining it requires a high level of skill and experience. For more self-assessment questions, click here. Then call Vartek at 800.954.2424 We help you evaluate everything from infrastructure to classroom integration practices and work with you to develop a technology strategy that allows you to achieve your school’s technology vision.

We believe that technology is about more than tools that work. It’s about the support of experts who understand the classroom environment. Call us today, 800-954-2524, to let us know how we can help you make your classrooms work the way you’ve always envision.