Technology Integration and Instruction

Learn from Vartek technology integration experts about the best ways to incorporate classroom technology to transform the learning environment.

How to Overcome Low Ed-Tech Usage Levels

Recently, Education Week published an article about the decline of ed-tech usage levels and what schools should do to prevent further decline. The article highlights a handful of school districts across the nation and dug […]

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Make Blended Learning a No-Brainer

Are you being super clear about how you want teachers to blend technology into their classrooms? Because there may be unintentional ambiguity in the messages you’re sending: “We want you to integrate technology as much […]

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Be Internet Awesome

The importance of digital citizenship in today’s classrooms When I walk into Amy Jahna’s fourth and fifth classroom at All Saints Academy in Winter Haven, Florida, I see her students playing a game on their […]

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Technology: A powerful tool for more powerful thinking

Your students may claim otherwise—as they Snapchat while doing math homework while watching YouTube music videos—but experts say that multitasking doesn’t work. The American Psychological Association tells us that quality and productivity suffer when we […]

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Support Your Teachers. Keep Your Teachers.

As a school leader, you already know there’s a teacher shortage in the United States. Do you know what’s causing it? According to research by the Learning Policy Institute, the 112,000-teacher gap we’ll have in […]

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Social Media in Schools

How Online Networking in Classrooms Can be Good Educators and students who use social media tools effectively and safely can turn them into valuable learning and communication tools. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat may occupy […]

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