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Help your school embrace technology change

People are creatures of comfort and habit. Teachers, staff, and even students may say they’re excited about new educational technology—(“What’s In and Out in Edtech”)—but when it comes to letting go of tools and methods […]

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Technology: A powerful tool for more powerful thinking

Your students may claim otherwise—as they Snapchat while doing math homework while watching YouTube music videos—but experts say that multitasking doesn’t work. The American Psychological Association tells us that quality and productivity suffer when we […]

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What does a strategic IT partnership look like?

For years, school IT departments (internal and contracted) focused disproportionately on short-term needs like fixing broken devices and maintaining technology infrastructure. These are important tasks, but long-term technology strategy is what makes a real difference […]

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Support Your Teachers. Keep Your Teachers.

As a school leader, you already know there’s a teacher shortage in the United States. Do you know what’s causing it? According to research by the Learning Policy Institute, the 112,000-teacher gap we’ll have in […]

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Make your school IT pain-free

If technology is hurting you more than it’s helping, consider outsourcing your school’s technology to a qualified, school-focused provider. It could be the best decision you make this year. The myths about outsourcing come from […]

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Tech tool levels up reading skills

When I was eight years old, I was not a good reader. Comprehension was difficult because I couldn’t concentrate well enough to retain what I’d read, and I didn’t understand how becoming a competent reader […]

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