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Vartek is a strategic partner to schools, delivering tailored, innovative technology and integration support so that educators are empowered to create the learning environment they envision. We save school leaders and educators time.

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We’re here to help you optimize your school’s technology vision, ensuring every program, device, and tool makes it possible.


Here, Vartek’s technical and education experts share their knowledge, providing you with the information you need to create engaging, innovative classrooms


Classroom Success Story – July 2019

At Vartek, we focus on helping our school leaders create the learning environment that they envision – a classroom that effectively uses the most appropriate learning tool for the curriculum. Oftentimes, our Classroom Technology Coaches […]


Technology Health Check for K-12

When’s the last time your IT team performed a technology health check?One in three districts will have one or more days of network downtime every year, according to a recent Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) […]


Make Your School Tech [Practically] Perfect

What if classroom technology never failed? What if teachers were always excited about new technology and students consistently used tech tools in productive, innovative ways? Dream on, you say? You’re right. Perfect is impossible. But […]