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Vartek is a strategic partner to schools, delivering tailored, innovative technology and integration support so that educators are empowered to create the learning environment they envision. We save school leaders and educators time.

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We’re here to help you optimize your school’s technology vision, ensuring every program, device, and tool makes it possible.


Here, Vartek’s technical and education experts share their knowledge, providing you with the information you need to create engaging, innovative classrooms


Vartek Women in Tech: Heather Osborne

Vartek is celebrating Women’s History Month with a series of spotlights on our female technicians, tech coaches, and leaders. Women hold only a small percentage of computer-related jobs in the United States, and we are […]


RFID: A New Measure in School Safety

Violence in schools is too often in the headlines. As a result, improving school safety has become as much of a priority as improving test scores. With threats and incidents of physical violence and cyberattacks […]